Components for Paint Cans and General Line Cans

PETROX PACKAGING also exports components like Rings, Lids and Bottoms for Paint Cans and Ring, Lid and tagger Assemblies (RLT) also called Penny Lever Lids.

These components are supplied plain or clear/gold lacquer as per customers requirements.

The quality of our components is standardized as per international specifications and exported to many countries.

Components  for Paint Cans and General Line Cans for Export
Item Description Dimensions
In Inches In MM
Ring, Lid and Tagger Assemblies with or without Bottoms for Dry Products 301 75
401 99
404 104
DT ie Doubletite Rings and Lids for Paint Cans with or without Bottoms 301 73.8
307 83
404 73
700 178
TT ie Tripletite Rings and Lids for Paint Cans with or without bottoms 405 108
700 178


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